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When should we start potty training our child?
Many parents are wondering when should they start potty training their child? Is it too early? It is very important to know that if your child is ready for potty training. You can start potty training as early as 18 months, with signs of your child that shows they are ready:
  • Able to sit still
  • Follow simple instructions from parents
  • Understands and uses words about potty
  • Make the connection between the urge to pee or poop and using the potty
  • Keep a diaper dry for 2 hours or more
  • Able to undress the pants themselves
These signs are shown at around 18 - 24 months. It is very normal that some child shows signs later than 24 months, some may wait until they are 3 years old. Besides, boys tend to shows sign later than girls too! 
Preparing for Potty Training
Pick the right potty: It is very important to pick the right potty. Look for the model that suits you child. The height and size of the potty should be suitable for your child to sit on. It should not be too big or too small. 
Let them pick their favorite: Whether is it a car shaped potty, or a pink round potty, let them choose the color and design they like so that they will gain interest in the potty training. 
Show Them How to Use The Potty!
Toddlers love to mimic! By 15 months, they will have a natural inclination to want to mimic you, they will imitate your actions and expressions. Well, show them how to use the potty repetitively has no difference! Teach them how to undress, squat or sit on the potty. 
All About Bribes
Always reward them! No matter what are the rewards, candy or extra play time, make sure the let them feel motivated to do the potty training! Praise them upon completing the potty training. Making it a big deal upon small progress is the key to keep your child feel motivated and successful.
I wholeheartedly recommend bribery as potty training motivation: We kept a small plastic piggy bank in the bathroom and rewarded every success (one penny for pee, two for poop). Our daughter was entranced—she would shake the piggy with a gleam in her eye and remark how heavy it was getting. When she was all done, we took her potty windfall and turned it into quarters to spend on rides at the mall.
Be patient 
Even the most enthusiastic toddler can take several weeks, or months to master potty training proficiency. It is normal if they take many steps backward as forward. Encourage them to try again. If your expectations are unrealistic, you could diminish their self-confidence. Don't scold, punish or shame. No parent enjoys mopping up a puddle of pee, but try to stay cool. If you overreact, you might discourage your toddler's future attempts.
Make it a Routine
Put them at the potty in the morning, after waking up or after napping. Therefore they will learn that going to the toilet is a routine they should not skip! During the first few weeks of training, parents can also set a timer to bring them to the potty every 30 - 40 mins when their diapers are off! 
Run the Tap
Run the tap, whistle, or make the wee sound while your child is on the potty. These sounds will simulate the urge to pee! This method is the most effective tips of all!
Do you have special potty training tips to share? Comment down below and let me know about it! Don't forget to like this post and share to the other moms out there! These tips may come in handy!