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What is SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome)? 
We often hear about this "Shaken Baby Syndrome" but what is it really about? Shaken Baby Syndrome, commonly known as SBS, is a serious brain injury of infant or toddler. Severe shaking causes the baby’s head to move violently back and forth, resulting in serious and sometimes fatal brain injury. This syndrome destroy child's brain cells and prevents brain from getting enough oxygen. It is permanent brain damage or may even causes death. 
Why does it happen?
Babies have softer brain tissue and skull bones. The muscle of the neck are not strong enough to absorb jerking movement of the head. It means babies are susceptible to brain injury from even a low-intensity, sudden movement of the head. You may not see any signs of physical injury to the toddler's outer body. Sometimes, the face is bruised. Injuries that might not be immediately seen include bleeding in the brain and eyes, spinal cord damage, and fractures of the ribs, skull, legs and other bones
What causes SBS? 
This syndrome is primarily seen in children younger than age two, with the majority of cases occurring before the baby’s first birthday. The average victim is between three and eight months old. 
SBS may happen when:
1. Certain angle which has no neck support while carrying the baby.
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2. Shaking the baby with no neck support while playing.
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3. Shaking the baby cause of frustration of their non-stop cries.
Insufficient evidence for 'shaken baby syndrome' – a systematic ...

What are the symptoms?
SBS affects babies in many different ways. Symptoms include:
- Vomiting 
- Bluish skin
- Tremors or shakes
- Breathing issues
- Drowsiness. 
- Less interested in eating
- Have trouble sucking
- Stop smiling and talking
- Bruises on the arms or chest in the places the baby has been grabbed
- Larger than usual head or forehead
- Different-sized pupils
- Unable to focus
- Favoring one arm or leg over another
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Babies with shaken baby syndrome may also have symptoms you can't see, such as fractured ribs or other bones, spinal cord or neck injury, and bleeding in the brain. In mild cases, behavior, health, or learning issues show up later on.
How to Prevent it?
SBS can be prevented with correct angle and positions to carry the baby. 
Always carry the baby with one hand at the body, and another hand supporting its head.
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Never shake the baby no matter its playtime or due to your anger.
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Its very important to keep the baby safe. First two years of baby's growth is very important and we shouldn't neglect any of it. If you have any handful tips for newborn moms, please let me know at the comments below!