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IIt all began when YN Scent founder Yi Ing has a 8 months old baby . She had research and tried a lot of products to prevent her baby to get mosquito bites. Many single mothers and young families out there also found it challenging to choose what’s best for their babies. Thus, Yves N Scent was born. 


You’re growing up as a family- so are we! From parent-to-parent, we want to share helpful tips and ideas from others who have been in your shoes. We believe that a warm, inclusive community will let us nurture our loved ones together. Parenting will be the enjoyable experience as it’s meant to be with Yves N Scent

At Yves N Scent, we’ve made it our mission to be here with you, every step of the way. From baby’s nighttime sniffles to happy smiles, we aim to make every experience with your child a joyful one. 


We want to make the world a better place with natural scent. 

Bringing joy, happiness and inspiration to babies and families around the world by providing them products and services that embrace love.


Best and healthiest mosquito repellent alternative!


100% made of Lemongrass - mosquito repellent. Known as stress reducer used to balance the mind and emotions. Revitalizes the overall body and minds. Thus, we call it the Safe Zone


Plug & Play without having to worry to cause any fire. Effective treating range up to 200 sqft.


Besides being the most effective and safest mosquito repeller. It is also compact in size, easy-to-use and stylish device which will look great in every corner of your house-while it works to keep pesky mosquitoes from biting and bothering your guests. How Safe Zone offers better compared to other product:-

No spray and no mess.
No harsh smells.
No chemicals (Natural)
No open flame, no smoky candles
Compact and stylish design for every lovely homes
Ideal use for better sleep.
Aromatherapeutic (Relaxing)


Lemongrass’ essential oil is the key component when it comes to deterring mosquitoes from biting. While this hasn’t been attributed to a single compound, general consensus states that this property can be attributed to its “lemony” scent (which can be directly experienced when smelling the oil or boiling lemongrass leaves to make a tea). This scent then overpowers a mosquito’s olfactory nerves, causing the scent to “camouflage” your presence from the mosquito’s perspective.

Make your aromatherapy easier!

Your Insect Repellent Shouldn't be as Harmful as the disease!

With Safe Zone, you and your family are in the better hand.

What people say?


I really love the scent, so nice and calming. Besides, no more mosquitoes around us as i used at my kampung, it is really happy to be safe from any bites!

-Norfa Ghazali-


It is very easy and convenient. The Lemongrass scent is very relaxing and good. The scent is not too strong, it is just nice. My kids love it too!

-  Angeline Yeoh -


I've tried it for three weeks now
and is so ecstatic about the results. I actually wanted to try it because I wanted my son could sleep better at night. And it works wonder!

- Sharina R.-

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